flexible digital display

DST is using its proprietary p-LED™ (printed light emitting diodes) technology to create electronic circuitry on a range of flexible materials. The printed circuits are overlaid with light emitting components to create digital display screens bright enough for out of home displays. The semi-conductor components are overlaid onto the printed circuitry and are powered by DST’s proprietary electronics. One master panel powers multiple slave panels with automated screen adjustment. Return adjustment and return diagnostics for pixel management.

Starting with a 6 millimetre pitch for distance viewing future versions will reduce down in size for indoor and higher resolutions. Panels stay cold to the touch and withstand moisture and extremes in temperature. Videobrix® is more robust than other displays on the market today, are replaceable and can be retrofitted into existing installations.

Each screen can be built to custom designs and soon free hanging panels without the Videobrix® casing will function just as well around curved or moulded surfaces.

Branded as Videobrix it will complement traditional displays and speed the transition from printed paper to digital.



Benefits compared to traditional LED displays

  • Lower cost in-line manufacturing
  • High efficiency with up to 50% less power usage
  • Light weight panels that are portable, easy to assemble and set up
  • Durable and hard wearing, anti-scratch, weather and moisture resistant
  • Environment friendly using non-toxic recyclable materials





  • Out of Home digital advertising and signage
  • Temporary displays at exhibitions, sports events and concerts
  • Signage for indoor and outdoor public places
  • Road side signage


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